Create websites with your existing PowerShell skills

Build dynamic websites to display data in controls like charts, tables and grids as dashboards for your whole organization. Take it a step further and build fully customizable web interfaces around your existing PowerShell logic. No need to learn JavaScript, HTML or CSS. Build websites just like you would build desktop apps.

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Security Built in

Lock down your websites with first-class security built in. Allow users to authenticate with OAuth providers like Facebook, Microsoft and Google or provide an internal authentication system like Active Directory. Lock down your REST APIs with JSON web tokens.

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Host it anywhere

Universal Dashboard is cross-platform and can run anywhere PowerShell Core and ASP.NET Core is available. Host in Azure, IIS, as a Windows Service or simply the command line. Take advantage of Docker containers or jump into IoT with Raspberry Pi. Run in your existing infrastructure on Windows PowerShell. Universal Dashboard supports PowerShell v5.1+.

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Super, simple REST APIs

Expose your logic and cmdlets as REST APIs with simple PowerShell scripts. Wrap .NET components, PowerShell commands or any command line tool as a REST API. Protect your APIs with JSON Web Tokens to provide the ultimate cross-platform automation experience.

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Ultimate customization

Customize your dashboard to the ultimate degree. Use PowerShell to create completely custom components that take advantage of real-time updates with web sockets to create an amazing user experience.

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Scheduled Tasks Made Easy

Schedule endpoints to run on simple intervals to collect data for your dashboard or website. Store data in a built-in cache or in your database of choice.

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Desktop Applications

Build desktop applications with Universal Dashboard and package them into installers.

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